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The Speed Reading Secret

Would you like to triple your reading speed, increase your comprehension, and retain more of what you have read?

The average person reads about 200 words a minute with a 60% comprehension rate. That effectively means they're only reading 120 words every minute. At this rate it would take an average SIX SOLID HOURS to read a small 200 page book.

In this fast paced world "Time is Money". Speed reading skills, increased comprehension, and the ability to recall what you've read can be invaluable!

What if you discovered how to.

  • Quickly read, comprehend, and remember complex course materials and studies
  • Blast through blogs, websites, and news articles recalling what you've read
  • Rip through dozens of corporate, colleague, and customer email in minutes
  • Read, comprehend, and remember training or work related manuals quickly
  • Use your new "free time" to be more productive and climb the company ladder
  • Curl up on the couch, enjoy a book in an evening and recall it like a trivia pro

If you're visiting this site you probably already realize this - Speed Reading is POWERFUL. And you've probably wondered how the many speed readers in the news or documentaries read an average book in just an hour yet retain and recall virtually the entire book. They use basic speed reading techniques but they also have some extraordinary secrets up their sleeve!

Mine name is Michael Masterman and for the past 10 years, my accelerated learning team and I have studied many speed reading courses, training seminars, and so-called 'speed reading software' from the "experts". We discovered many hidden techniques that aren't published or conveyed anywhere. We've commissioned masters to let us in on their secrets, then combined all this amazing knowledge into one powerful course - The Speed Reading Secret!

Our Speed Reading Secret course is an easy to understand audio course, with step by step instructions that will have ANYONE reading much faster in just one hour, and we GUARANTEE it! Just listen and follow our simple techniques and you will begin to see a difference in your reading speed.

Rest assured, with over 10,000 SATISFIED customers and corporate clients, our powerful and effective Speed Reading Audio Course speaks for itself! And if you order today, you'll receive the full Advanced Speed Reading Secret Course PLUS all of the freebies below! (a $100 Value)

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  • Improve Reading Speed & Comprehension Book! - This 80+ page bonus guide, co-written by us and Bradley Thompson, shares many of the secrets from our audio course!
  • How To Get MORE Accomplished in LESS Time! - Need to blast through your workload? Read this bonus and discover the 113 tips and tricks to help you boost productivity and overcome procrastination.
  • TWO Speed Reading Hypnosis Downloads! - I'll send you a voucher to redeem for two FREE hypnosis downloads, on accelerated learning and speed reading.
  • Advanced Memory Course! - Want to commit what you read to your long-term memory? This excellent 60+ page course from Andy Gray shows you what you need to know. Highly recommended!
  • Bob Bastian's Self-Improvement Tips! - Discover the ultimate resource for improving your mind and body. Read through over 100 pages of solid information and development resources!
  • Maverick's Guide to Damned Good Fiction! - Why not read more fiction with your new skills? Tracy Cooper-Prosy presents a reader's roadmap for the 21st century - covering amazing books you've probably never heard of!

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Our Customers Say

"When I bought The Speed Reading Secret, I thought it was too good to be true. However, I always like to try and see. My usual very slow reading speed was 240wpm. After, going through your course only twice, my speed is now 540wpm!! Wow, It really does work. Thank you for giving me a skill that will be of huge benefit to me to learn, study and gain knowledge. I can't wait to see what my speed will be one month from now!! I am now reading books quite fast. I have developed a voracious appetite for knowledge gathering and reading. Well done on a wonderful product."


"Michael is practically the Father of Accelerated Learning. I just sat his course and literally quadrupled my reading speed in an hour - and I'm already a FAST reader. Absolutely amazing!!"

Bradley Thompson,
Self Development Guru
Best-selling Author of "Lucid Dreaming in Seven Days"

"Thank You, Michael - this course absolutely opened my eyes! I've at least tripled my reading speed and in just 60 minutes. I went from 300wpm to over 1000wpm. This will REALLY help my editing!"

Karl Moore,
Speaker and Author

"This is not a question, I'm writing to say thank you for the audio course. I was amazed within the first fifteen minutes; I can't believe how I've changed! Really, really, helped me so much. I'm now at 850wpm!!"

Kates Sims,
Hacourt Designs

"Please publish this on your testimonials page. Dr Michael Masterman is a genius! I've attended one of his seminars and The Speed Reading Secret beats it all. I can now read almost any book in FORTY minutes.All thanks to Michael!"

Andrew Van Ness,
(Company name removed on request)

"To be honest, when I bought this course I didn't realizse what an effect it would have on me. It's brilliant, pass on my thanks to your team and Michael. Excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT. I'm still in SHOCK at how good this stuff is!"

Mark A. Deleney,
mark.delaney@bri*******, Keyworth, Nottingham, UK.

"I bought the Howard Berg guide to spend reading - and thought it was just okay. He recommended listening to fast music. Wow-how wrong was HE! Just bought your entire course and I am VERY impressed. Up to 800wpm!"

Jeff Renfrey,
Brockton, MA.

"You're right about the benefits; I have found myself thinking a lot quicker. Please publish this on your site, I really am a happy customer. Thank you!! Tell anyone to contact me, I've happy to tell anyone about this new site."

Aaron Holmes,
aaron1***,San Bernardino, CA.

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